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Are you able to see termites at your place? Termite infestation is not just any general pest infestation, it can become worse. If left untreated and as it is, these pests can wreak havoc at your place. Hire our agency, Arrow Exterminating, we are one of the expert termite control service providers in Perth. Our team of professional termite controllers is very well acquainted with providing termite control for residential and commercial areas. We provide a complete Termite Control Perth treatment for your termite problems. 

termite control perth

Timely Termite Control Services You Can Get All Around Perth

You might not always see termites roaming around your place. But still, there might be a termite infestation at your house. This can be concluded when you witness certain signs that indicate there is a termite infestation. In many cases, you would see hollowed-out furniture, holes in the wood, etc. In case of such a sign that shows termite infestation, opt for termite control immediately. With our agency, you can avail of timely Termite Control Perth services. Our professionals are experts in offering timely termite control services all around Perth. 

Reasons To Hire Us For Termite Control Perth

We are the best termite control services provider in this town. Our agency, Arrow Exterminating has been serving all our customers in Perth for many years now. Our services are sure to make a difference at your place regarding termite control. We use standard procedures for termite control that provide long term benefits for our customers. There are many reasons that make us the best choice for you: 

  • We provide same-day termite control services.
  • All the prices are affordable and upfront.
  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Book with us and save your property from getting damaged by termites. 

Various Termite Control Services Available At Arrow Exterminating

For Termite Control Perth, we offer a wide variety of termite control services. We start by looking after the damaged wood and provide termite control services accordingly. We offer various termite control services at Arrow Exterminating, depending upon the area and your needs: 

  • Termite inspection and removal- Termite inspection helps to understand the condition of termite infestation. It also offers a proper idea of the techniques that need to be followed for the removal of the termites. 
  • Residential termite control- We offer residential termite control services all around Perth. You can come to us for any kind of termite control for your homes. Hire us if you need home termite control services. 
  • Commercial termite control- Even in commercial areas, there are risks of termite infestation. Hence, we suggest you hire us for commercial termite control services. Our professionals are available for offering termite control in commercial areas effectively.
  • Pre-purchase termite inspection- There are a lot more chances of termite infestation when you move into a new house. That is why we recommend getting pre-purchase termite inspection services. A pre-purchase termite inspection will decrease the risk of having a termite infestation.
  • Emergency termite control services- Termite infestations when they happen to a great extent can be disastrous. In such cases, we offer emergency termite control services. So, hire us for emergency termite control services. We will reach your place as soon as possible. 
  • Same day termite control- People often get busy with their work. Hence, they would need termite control services on the same day. Hire us if you need same-day termite control services. Our local pest professionals will be available for same-day services. 

24/7 Availability Of Termite Controllers At Our Agency In Perth

Termite control services are necessary to keep your house safe from these wood feeders. Termites can infest your house at any time and you can face these issues day or night. It is not necessary when you need to get rid of these pests, we are always here to help you out. Our agency helps people fix all the termite problems as we are available 24/7. Our 24/7 customer support team works 24-hours a day to treat termite infestations. In fact, we are also available on the weekends for termite control. Our 24/7 availability of professional termite controllers helps people a lot to deal with their termite problems easily and effectively.

24x7 availability of termite controllers


How can you get rid of termites without using chemicals?

Borax powder or sodium borate is one of the most effective methods by far used to get rid of termites. Apart from that, you can even avoid wood contact with soil as termites enter through the soil. 

Do you offer termite control for businesses?

Yes, we offer termite control for businesses. Our professional team is always there to help you with termite control in all parts of commercial areas. You can get services from us for your offices, businesses, and so on. 

What are the things that termites hate?

There are a few things that termites hate in general. These things are borate, a foundation without plantings, sunlight, and also nematodes. 

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