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Moths cause stressful conditions and infest in different areas of the home that ranges from fabric to food items in the home. In case, when moth infestation occurs you need to contact us for moth control. The expert knows how to deal with a moth in the best way and offer the best services at your location.

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    How You Can Control Moth When They are at a Low Level?

    With the help of our experts, it is easy to get control over a moth with the help of different ways which are mentioned below.

    • Adjust humidity level at the low level for the best moth pest control. You need to adjust the humidity below  70 percent so that eggs cannot produce and the moth can be controlled indirectly.
    • Seal off the different entry and exit areas,  with the help of silicone caulk. With the help of silicon chalk, it is best to seal the holes and crevices and prevent the entry and exit of moth in the home.
    • A moth is one of the major pests,  that mostly infect at high temperatures and need to be controlled immediately for the best pest control.  In that case, you need to adjust the temperature at a low level for the best control of moths.
    • The experts suggest using pheromone traps that work best to lure moths and attract them towards them for the best moth pest control at your home.

    Precautions You Need to Take in Case of Moth Infestations

    The experts suggest taking cautious steps to prevent moth at your home and for better moth pest control.

    Some of The Steps are As Follows:

    • Switch of the lights in the evening as moths are nocturnal spread more quickly under the light,  in that case, prevent lights in the home especially in the evening.
    • Clean the corners regularly and prevent clutter to avoid moth infestation in the home. Cleaning is important for the best moth control in your home.
    • Vacuum cleaning works best when it comes to controlling moths in remote areas where other methods do not work. So regular vacuum cleaning works best to get  rid of moths and prevent them
    • Proper storage of food and fabric is important to prevent moth infestation and for better cleanliness of the home. For this make sure that fabric items are cleaned properly or not.

    It is important to get control of moth before they cause trouble for you. For that, you need to contact Arrow Exterminating which offer you with moth control services with the following benefits.

    • We offer a quick response of queries to provide immediate solutions to customers.
    • We make use of best methods that are natural and have no side effects
    • We believe in building long term  relationship with the customer
    • Our highly skilled experts offer best services with the use of modern equipment.
    • We offer hassle-free services to our customers and work on their demands.
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    From how many years are we providing services in Perth?

    Our company is very old and experienced in the pest control industry. We have provided services to our customers and satisfied them for 20 years. In the last 20 years, we have not stayed behind in any way from our competitors in Perth.

    What is the procedure to contact us?

    There is no special procedure to contact us. We do not make our registration process very lengthy and irritating. You can choose to fill a form. Or just give a call or missed call on our toll free helpline number and after that, we do the whole work.

    How can you identify moths?

    Moths are flying insects the same as butterflies so you can easily identify them if they are present at your house. One major difference is that butterflies have thin antennae and moths have feathery antennae. Hence, if you have seen an infestation of insects something like this then contact our experts.