How To Get Rid Of Spiders Using Natural Methods

Spiders don’t cause any serious trouble to humans, spiders eat away unwanted insects in the house. Their natural born hunting ability keeps away the fly, mosquitoes and other small flies from the house, but the only problem with spiders is that they make webs around the house and freaks people out. Many people are scared from the spiders, this fear is also known as arachnophobia, well anyone could scare from eight legs ugly looking creature, but the fear is not reasonable. If you want to get rid of these creatures because of your fear or they might be just an unwanted guest in your house, read this blog further, you’ll learn some tips to stop the spider infestation.

Spider Pest Control

Spider Pest Control

Follow These Methods In Order To Stop The Spider Infestation.

These methods are would be effective on all type of pest control, such as spider control, spider infestation and so on. Moreover, the methods are safe for the environment as there are no harmful chemicals required. Follow these tips carefully for best spider pest control results.

Prepare A Natural Homemade Spray.

There’s nothing better than a natural homemade spray for spider pest control than any other thing. Try making this, mix few drops of peppermint oil, lavender oil and apple cider vinegar in a half filled cup of water.  After that pour the homemade solution in a spray bottle and then spray it on spiders, reach out to their webs and spray on them. They’ll leave their web and go away from your house.

Citrus Peel And Witch Hazel Solution.

The scent of citrus repels spiders and make them go away. Take a citrus food and peel its skin and then add it to boiling water, after the water reaches to the boiling point, leave it overnight. After waking up in the morning add witch hazel solution approximately half of cup, then add it in the spray bottle. Now, pour the solution into the spray bottle and spray this solution onto the spiders, they’ll run for their life.

Spider Infestation

Spider Infestation

The Combination Of White Vinegar And Water.

White vinegar is a useful ingredient, it can help you in removing spiders from your house. Just make the diluted solution of white vinegar and then spray it on the spiders, the spider will surely get annoyed for filling their home with the foul smell of vinegar and pack their bags.

Try Showering Turmeric Or Cinnamon Powder.

Turmeric and cinnamon powder are useful commodities and can make spider disappear, just turn these items into a fine powder and then sprinkle it on the spider infested area. The spider will not come again into your home again.

These methods will surely stop the spider infestation in your house. If you want complete spider pest control, you can call professionals, they have proper supplies for effective pest control.

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