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Borers are those insects that make small tunnels in wood and structures made up of timber. They basically invade wooden structures and make holes in them. Borers cause a lot of trouble when you have furniture at your home, they completely leave you in a devastating state. If you are worried about the borers damaging the wood and other things at your house, then you can hire us, Arrow Exterminating. We are one of the finest borer control service providers in the whole of Perth. Our agency is famous for providing safe and secure Borer Control Perth services. You can give us a call and book a borer control service with us today. We will be there as soon as possible to help you out. 

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Borers Of Different Types Found In Perth

You might not know but there are several species and types of borers found in Perth itself. Each species of borer has different characteristics and they also cause different damages. Every borer needs to be controlled in a different way. The extent of damage caused by every borer differs. Hence, here are some borers found in Perth that will help you detect one easily.

  • House longhorn borer- These borers usually attack chimneys and other wood leaving them in a blistered form. Also, such borers spread the infestations very quickly. 
  • Anobium borer- Anobium borers usually feed on the softwood. They would not be found in any kind of hardwood timber. They are the most commonly found furniture borers.
  • Lyctus borer- Lyctus borer or Lyctid borer, also called powder post borer will feed on certain kinds of wood. These bores are mostly found to be feeding on hardwood or other timber products generally made of pine.
  • Australian wood borer- Australian wood borers are the ones that can attack any kind of wood, especially when it is moist, rotten, or contains fungus.  Such species of the borer are found in all parts of Australia. 
  • Wood weevil- Even wood weevil borers too feed on softwood as well as hardwood and are similar to Australian wood borers. But there is only one difference that wood weevils feed on the wood only when it is already infested by wood-rotting fungus.

Services That We Offer For All Kinds Of Borer Control In Perth

At Arrow Exterminating, we offer a wide range of comprehensive border control services. Be it a residential area or a commercial place, we are here to provide you with the best. Our agency has been offering borer control services in Perth for many years. We know all the tips and tricks of borer control. We can provide any kind of services out of the below-mentioned services: 

  • Borer inspection and removal- It is very difficult to detect borer infestation. That is why there are signs that determine whether borer infestation is present or not. Our professionals know very well about borer inspection and removal. So, hire us to help you with borer inspection and removal. 
  • Residential borer control- Be it a residential or commercial area, borers are ought to attack. Most of the time it is difficult to understand borer infestation at home. Hence, our agency offers excellent residential borer control services.
  • Commercial borer control- Just like residential areas, there are many commercial areas that face borer infestation problems too. For such commercial area borer control, our team of borer controllers is always here to help you. Hire us and get rid of all kinds of borers from your commercial premises in Perth. 
  • Emergency borer control services- Borers leave your wooden objects and furniture in very bad condition. This also leaves you in a completely damaged state and destruction to your belongings and property. Therefore, hire us for the emergency borer control services. 
  • Same day borer control- Our agency offers services for Borer Control Perth on the very same day of booking. We have a team of professionals that serve same day services to you in the best way. Call us today for same day pest control also.

Why Are We The Most Favourite Borer Control Perth Agency?

We are one of the most favorite borer control service providing agencies in Perth because of the following reasons:

  • People in Perth believe us as we offer reliable Borer Control Perth services. 
  • If you have doubts or problems regarding any kind of borer issues, you can come to us directly. 
  • Being Perth’s favourite borer control agency we have a great reputation in this town. Also, our professionals are bound to provide the services quickly and on time. 
  • We offer same-day borer control services as well as emergency borer control services. 
  • With many years of experience, we stand to be the top borer controller. 
  • We offer instant response to your borer emergency problems.


Do wood borers cause any kind of harm to humans?

There is no specific study but wood borers are said to cause harm to humans to some extent. Wood borers carry certain parasites that can actually cause rashes and leave nasty bites on humans. 

How can you prevent borers in your house?

Mainly, wood borers are attracted to the moisture that is present in the wood. So, try to keep your furniture and wooden objects as dry as possible to prevent borer infestation. Remove infected wood to avoid borer infestation.

What is the best way of borer control?

It is best to use Permethrin insecticide to control borers. However, due to its toxicity, it is not recommended to use it without professional guidance. Hence, it would be best to hire professionals for borer control. 

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