3 Common Venomous Spiders Found In Your Home

If you have a fear of crawlers and pests, spotting a spider causes havoc to you. But unfortunately, you start noticing spider’s nets in the basement, bathroom, and other home areas. In such a situation, contacting pest control is helpful because some of the spiders living in your home is poisonous. A professional like pest control Perth will inspect your home and recommend the methods of control and extermination. Let us see common spider species that is poisonous and found inside your home.

Which is a common venomous spider present in the home?

Though most of the spiders found in the home are not poisonous, there are some poisonous spiders.

Black widows

Black widows are shiny black and known for being red hourglass-shaped markings and bulbous bodies. Also, the black male widows are generally smaller and less poisonous than female spiders.

Where do you find them: Black widows are mostly present in mailboxes or garages and hide in corners, edges and tall grass.

How dangerous they are: they are poisonous, and once bite, they can cause intense pain, nausea, vomiting, and muscles stiffness. If this happens, see your doctor immediately and take a professional exterminator to get rid of this. In addition, these bites are lethal and vulnerable to infants, kids and older people at home.

Hobo spiders

The hobo spiders are large and have a dark brown body with thick legs. It has spiny hairs coming off the legs. Mostly they are active in early spring to late autumn.

Where you’ll find them: it is present in any dark and dry corner of your home where it can find insects to eat. Sometimes it can hide in clothes and beds.

How dangerous they are: usually, they are not aggressive towards the human. The bite of these spiders are painful and gives you red swelling. If you suspect hobo spiders in your home, it is best to take assistance from a pest control company.

Brown recluse

Brown recluses have violin-shaped markings, and you cannot identify them easily because of its dull colours. But one way to identify them is to count their eyes. They indeed have six eyes instead of eight eyes.

Where you’ll find them: they are excellent in hiding, and they prefer quieter, darker, and warmer places to raise their families. If you find a brown recluse in your home, then take a professional exterminator before they bite you.

How dangerous they are: Red spot and itching is the primary symptom followed by fever and nausea. If they bite you, it can cause a wound and dead tissues, which takes a long time to heal.


Now you know how dangerous can be some spider species. Many pest control companies are experienced in controlling pests like spiders. It would be best if you took their assistance.